November 29, 2015


Watch the video, read the text and do the exercises.

Go into any toy store—the girls’ side is lousy with pink brooms and kitchen accoutrements, dolls and other products of domesticity. The boys’ side, in contrast, is blue and red, action-oriented, building materials and science projects.
GoldieBlox is a toy company out to show the world that girls deserve more choices than dolls and princesses. They believe that femininity is strong and girls will build the future — literally.

They want to get more girls interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

As the toy's advert shows, little girls are about more than just pink. Believe or not, girls are creative too!

Debbie Sterling, who founded Goldieblox -- a toy designed to get girls into engineering -- has enlisted an army of tiny (but fierce) girls to star in her advert and put an end to gender stereotypes once and for all.

Tired of their hideously gendered toys -- think ballet pumps, teddy bears and fairy wands -- the girls storm a local shop.
Smeared with bike grease and wearing 'More Than Just A Princess' T-shirts, they clearly mean business.

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