March 06, 2015


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Congratulations to the math teacher and the Spanish teacher for the European prize they have received for the project " Maths to travel to the (in)visible cities". They have participated in the European eTwinning Prize Competition 2015 with the students of 4th ESO and the students who left school last year and they won!!!!
To join the competition, projects must have been awarded the European Quality Label in any year of the project’s lifespan. Only the partners of a project who have received the European Quality Label could apply for and win a European Prize. And our school had 4 quality labels.
Click here to have a look to the winners.

Here you can read what the project is about:

Project Mathematics to travel to the (in)visible cities is aimed at a group of students between 14 and 15 years old and provides them with a multimedia scenario to discover through the exploration of a city the multiple optical from which it may be observed: mathematical, artistic, literary, social, emotional ...

The initiative is an interdisciplinary collaborative work between two European secondary schools: Klasické a španělské gymnázium in Brno- Bystrc, one of six schools with bilingual Spanish- Czech section, located in the city of Brno in the Czech Republic and the school CPI Viaño Pequeno in Galicia (Spain), framed in a Comenius - eTwinning and developed during the academic year 2012-2013 .

For the development of this experience we selected twelve European cities: six Spanish (Barcelona , Granada, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Toledo and Valencia ) and six Czech (Brno, Cesky Krumlov, Lednice, Prague, Telc and Zd'ar nad Sazavou). The criteria for choosing these cities were to be UNESCO heritage towns, or that in them there is a monument listed by this Organization.

Students, working in groups, explore and describe cities of Spain and the Czech Republic, linking urban aspects, architectural issues, scenics, history, tourism ... with mathematics, astronomy, film, literature, technology, fine and visual arts... , All integrated into a single project.
As a culminating activity each group creates its own imaginary city .

The work is developed through a collaboration platform: Twinspace, combining resources that are provided by this virtual environment (wiki, forum, chat ...) with some external others (webquest , video ...). Students use a variety of software tools (Prezi , Glogster, Geogebra, Skype ...) and hardware (electronic translators, iPad,...).

Topics developed in Spain:

* Barcelona: Paraboly or catenary: Do we know more than Galileo Galilei?. *Granada: The beautiful geometry of Alhambra. Mosaics and geometry.* Madrid: The Escorial: Art and Science. History of mathematics.* Santiago de Compostela: The baroque at Compostela. Geometrical shapes.* Toledo: Introduction of positional notation. Numbers. Arithmetics.* Valencia: The market of Valencia: its arches and columns. Geometry & Architecture.

This project has been awarded a National Quality Label in Spain and a National Quality Label in the Czech Republic by the National Support Services Czech and Spanish respectively. It has also been awarded an European Quality Label by the Central Support Service for eTwinning in Europe.

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