November 02, 2015


In class
How to learn better in class
• Look at your teacher and the board and take notes.
• Listen carefully to your teacher, the CD, the video or DVD.
• Ask you teacher when you don´t understand.
• Speak in English as much as possible.
• Take part in the pairwork and group activities.

How to learn vocabulary better
• Write down new words in a notebook. Together with the English word:
a) write the translation in your language.
b) Write an example of the sentence.
c) Draw or stick a picture.
• Put the words in groups or use diagrams.
• Refer to the Word list.
• Practice the spelling and pronunciation of new words.
• Try to use word you have recently learnt when you speak or write.

How to do better when doing reading tasks
• Before you read the text, look at the pictures. They can help you to understand.
• Look for key words in the text to understand the main ideas.
• Try to guess the meaning of unknown words.
• Guess the meaning of cognates (English words which are similar in your language).

How to do better when doing listening tasks
• Before you listen, read the questions carefully.
• While listening, try to understand the general idea, not every single word.
• Listen for the key words to understand the main ideas.
• First listen and then write the answers to the questions.

How to do better when doing writing tasks
• Plan your writing and make notes before you write.
• Join your ideas with and, but, because…
• Use pronouns (he, she it, them,ect.) to avoid repeating the same words.
• Write neatly.
• After you finish, check you writing. Check punctuation and capital letters, word order, spelling, grammar and vocabulary.

Outside the class
How to learn grammar better
• Refer to grammar reference ( you have some on our blog).
Use grammar tables.
• Have a grammar notebook. In it, write:
a) Tips and/ or rules in you language.
b) Example sentences.
c) Important grammar points.
d) Make a note of grammatical errors that you often make.

How to do better when doing speaking tasks
• Look at the example given.
• Use the prompts given.
• Use the vocabulary you have learnt.
• Don't be afraid of making mistakes when you speak.
• Speak only English.

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