December 02, 2012


Attempting to convince girls that they are just as capable as boys becomes stickier with this toy, explicitly marketed to "Girls only". "Mommy, when I grow up, I want to clean bathrooms".
My cleaning Trolley set is pink, equipped with a variety of brooms, clothes, sprayers and even a tiny toilet plunger - perfect for those aspiring to minimum-wage night jobs. Is there a best way to crush girls dreams?

We´ll do a research on toys. Our task is to find the most sexist toy before Christmas.
How? Watch TV adverstisments, have a look to the toys magazines and catalogues and... pay attention to the toys aisles when you visit a shopping center.
Then, we´ll make a photo gallery showing the most sexist games we have found and we´ll vote for the most sexist of all of them.

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