May 03, 2012


Charles Dickens is one of the most famous English writers all over the world.
He was born on February, 7th, two hundred years ago. That is why we celebrate this year his 200th birthday.
I am sure you know something about him or his famous novels. If not, your are going to learn more about him this week.

You can learn more things about Charles Dickens' biography in this video and delve into his life and works here.

Here you can find Dickens´biography and timeline.

You can find all his works HERE And this following video is about the films based on his novels. Do you know any of them?

After watching the video, complete the activity about films and Dickens.

Dare you take a tour of Dickensian London? You could meet Mr Micawber, Mr Pickwick or Fagin. Or you might catch smallpox and end up in jail. If you do well, you'll get to meet Charles Dickens.
Survive Dickens´London: A game

Now its time to surf the internet and answer these questions about him. Test your knowledge.

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  1. I like the dickens charles video because videos are not black and white but are cartoons and not so boring

    Adrian Castro