October 24, 2011


Author Patrick Winstanley is a well-known poet, and he is famous for his funny school poems especially regarding children’s poetry. His inspiration is based on students’ experience during their time inside an educational institution. One of Winstanley’s poems is entitled ‘Library Rules,’ which depicts and lists things that are not allowed in the library. Inspired from the rules commonly seen in swimming pools, the poem is presented in 24 lines, a long poem, but written in very short lines with lots of rhymes. The poem is presented below:
Library Rules
No Eating
No Drinking
No Talking
Or Shouting
No Swearing
No Spitting
No Hopping
Or Skipping
No Smoking
No Smirking
No Pushing
Or Shoving
No Coughing
No Sneezing
No Sniffling
Or Wheezing
No Pets and
No Petting
No Singing
Or Dancing
No Doodling
Or Fooling
And The Last
Golden Rule
No Reading Aloud.
After reading the poem, draw pictures to illustrate some of the actions in the poem.

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