February 18, 2011


Are you studying 1st year of ESO?
Would you like to have a great Summer?

Meet new people this Summer

Participate in the Linguistic Inmersion Program

* 2 weeks.
*11 different locations all over Spain.

You can do a lot of activities:
  • Meet new people and make friends.
  • Practice sports
  • Play games
  • And... learn English, of course.
Deadline to submit your application: 7 March
BOE:Jueves 10 de Febrero de 2011 (Resolución de 27 de Enero de 2011).

Enjoy yourself!

"Hi guys, I´m Leandro from 2º ESO.
I want to tell you something about the camps. At first time, you can feel a little embarrassed, but them, you will like it very much. The activities in the camp aren´t only English classes and things related to the studies. After the morning classes, you will go to the swimming pool, or make a trip to many interesting places. Last year I went to an English camp and I really liked it, because I made a lot of friends. I really recommend it, because you learn a lot and you make a lot of friends. And that´s all, because if I continue writing about the camp, I will never finish, hahaha!
Goodbye, and remember, take advantage of this opportunity".

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