January 14, 2015


To learn more about African-American culture, we are going to read and present to the class some of the most prominent African-American people in the history of the USA.

Choose one of these famous people, write the biography and prepare a slideshow for the last week of February.

A history of the African-American at the Oscars.

African-American scientists
George Washington Carver
Benjamin Banneker
Rebecca Cole
Aprille Ericsson

African-American inventors
Madame C.J. Walker
Granville T. Woods
Thomas L. Jennings

Leaders of The Civil Rights Movement:
Martin Luther King
Rosa Parks
Malcom X

Famous writers:
Toni Morrison
Alice Walker
Maya Angelou

Famous singers and musicians
Nina Simone
Harry Belafonte
Ray Charles
James Brown
Louis Armstrong

Sport Stars
The 20 most influencial African-American athletes who changed sport forever
Bill Rusell
Jim Brown
Jackie Robinson
Muhammad Ali

Actors in Hollywood 
Denzel Washington
Halle Berry
Sidney Poitier
Morgan Freeman

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